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When I landed this I thought that I would never consider selling it (famous last words). I still can't believe I am, even typing this post. However my collection is undergoing a significant restructure and therefore it has to go to recoup some much needed funds.

To my knowledge all functions work. I'm not a diver so I haven't been able to test the dive table and other dive function (I wouldn't know what they meant anyway). However the previous owner assured me they do and all functions register when the mode button is pressed (including the interior light and alarm).

I bought this purely for aesthetic reason (it's got awesome wrist presence) but aside from that this is key model in dive watch history and is in essence a true "tool" divers watch.

There is one of these currently listed on the bay labelled "mint"; however I would say mine is in much better condition. The only mark that can be called such is the one on the back and even that is minor. It comes with the original Z22 Seiko strap, Scubamaster tag and Seiko box (going by the one on the bay mine is not the original box).

Check out the pics and PM me with any questions.




1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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