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Okay I wasn't thinking I was going to be doing this anytime soon but this watch just doesn't get worn as much as it should.
It is a Seiko 6309 with 7548 guts. The case is in really good shape and doesn't have any dings on it but it has been re-brushed at one point. I think this case was from a Philippina hack job years ago but it was in really good shape so I didn't ditch it. The only issue with the case it the click ball needs a spring in it so the bezel doesn't turn on it.
The 7548 parts are in great shape, this has to be one of the cleanest dials I have ever seen. The second hand hits all of the markers perfectly also. It doesn't have much lume at night but it does glow a little bit when you first turn the lights out. One other thing this movement is keeping great time.
It does have a newer crystal in it all new gaskets but the only gasket that wasn't changed was the crown gasket. I will include one with the watch. Also a new battery was put in it this summer.
This will come with a skx jubilee that I modded to fit the watch. It doesn't fit perfect but that watch feels great with the jubilee on it.
If you have any questions then please let me know.
Oh and I asking $290 for it.

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