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FS: Seiko crystal 320W34GA for 6309-7040/9, 7548-700X sapphire £19 shipped (UK)

This is for a replacement crystal 320W34GA for the Seiko diver 6309-7040/7049 and the 7548-700X range.

Note this is Sapphire so very hard meaning less chances of getting your crystal scratched and also the clarity is much improved.

Also of importance is the fit, these fit correctly unlike many after market/replacement crystals that are available for these models.

*Correct fit* correct fit is when your OEM retaining ring presses on with a click and also seats down to the case, with many of the after market/replacement crystals this does not happen because they are not right.

£19 each shipped in the UK insured/tracked, £21 shipped else were with no tracking/insurance, payment by paypal, pm/email if you need to know more, thanks.

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