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They don't get much more unique than this Arabic numeral Bell-matic with a name added to the dial in Arabic. And don't overlook the SEIKO "5" either. I've only seen this on a few Belles and I'm still trying to figure out if the "5" was an "add-on" like the name or came only on a certain group of Bell-matics. True, this -6060 case has a -6070 caseback, but unless you are a Bell-maniac who demands 100% authenticity, that "Franken" factor doesn't detract from this nice vintage SEIKO.

Examine the photos closely, please. This is not a perfect piece (maybe 80-85% due to dial fade) but it has been serviced and keeps good time with good reserve. Remember, I am not a watchmaker and can make no guarantees. Before I offer a Belle for sale I put it on a winder for about 8 hours and then monitor its timekeeping and reserve after that. That's as scientific as I get.

Comes on a nice vintage SEIKO bracelet that should fit at least a 7" wrist.

$155 shipped in the US, more int'l. Contact me via private message or email at [email protected] Thanks for looking!

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