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I have had this for over a year and it has been a great watch, but I am letting it go. If you like the large 70's watches, this one will satisfy you greatly! Uncommon model and cool original bracelet. Keeps good time, with a few minor issues. When you pull the crown, the movement moves around some. Not sure if there is a spacer that belongs in there, but it is worth mentioning. Also, the inner bezel does not rotate with the turn of the crown. I am actually not 100% sure it is supposed to, but I think it is. And finally, when you pull the crown to set the day/date, the date works in a counter-clockwise fashion, but the day does not turn. It only changes with the change of the day. So, some minor repairs needed, but this thing is a looker. Very cool!

Free shipping in the US, $10 worldwide.

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