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This is not the more common (but still rare) 7016-5000 .. it is, instead a far rarer 7018-5000. The case is not the same, the dial is similar but in a different colourscheme and being a 7018 it doesn't have the dual totalisers that a 7016 would have.

Overall condition is good with the biggest hiccup being the heavily scratched crystal. I have not managed to fish out a replacement crystal yet. This is a flat crystal and I think could be polished back to health using diamond paste, I do not have crystal polishing tools myself and nobody I know in Malta does it though.

Case is in good condition and has never been buffed or molested. Dial is pristine with just a slight amount of gunge on the lume of the minutes hand.
Movement is working fine, keeps time and resets (a 7018 can even reset the chronograph while running). I haven't had this watched serviced since it 's working OK so I have no idea of its past service history.

Bracelet is non original.

£250 shipped anywhere via registered mail.
I can be contacted on this forum or by email: [email protected]


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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