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Well, I had lusted after one of these for quite a while. I finally got one, fixed it up.. and it's just too small for me :(. This is by no means mint, it's more of a doily or beater 7005. The movement has been made from a mix of the original 7005 parts and 7009 parts (it's all I had around). The crystal is a new domed acrylic, the strap is new, the dial is original as well as the hands and I have relumed them. The bezel insert is orginal, but was trashed so I repainted it. It's by no means perfect, but basically presentable. The case has a cracked lug which I tried to photograph. It seems solid and it's holding, but it's cracked on two sides so some silver solder would be in order I think. The crazy homemade movement is keeping time, I regulated it in one position so it needs some more wrist time, but for me it's around +60 a day. Just looking for offers on this since I have no idea what to ask for it given the defects. Thanks people.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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