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Just had another 6309-7049 come inbound and cant justify keeping two. This 6309-7049 is 100% all original and unfinished. This is a relatively early one from 1979 and it is in very nice all original and unfinished condition.

There are no significant dings on this watch and none anywhere on the case lines, only mark of any note is a small abrasion on the side at about 11:00 o'clock but you have to go looking for it. Original finish still very evident on the top surfaces and on the back with minor smoothing of the finish from use. Sides and caseback show normal swirlies etc. At most, this may have had a cape cod over it at some point but I am pretty certain that no machinery has been at this one. I did not have time to personally strip this one and clean the parts, so it may look even nicer if disassembled and cleaned up fully. The last digit in the serial number is a 7 and is a little hard to make out in the pictures as it is a lighter impression than the other numbers. It must have come this way from the factory as there is no loss to the number next to it or the Suwa symbol to its right and no marks on the number itself.
Dial and hands are in nr mint condition with no corrosion or pitting at all on the hands. Hour markers and hands (and bezel pip) all match in that the lume has started to go a slight gray color but they look fantastic. This aging is perfectly even across all markers etc. There is even a little life left in it and everything glows at the same rate (albeit very briefly). Water Resist markings are still red. Date window does have beveled edges and dial code is correct for watch. Dial ring has nice clear minute marks with no fade or wear.
Original bezel and insert are in great condition with a small ding between 56 and 57 and a few minor marks elsewhere. It is very nice though as you can see from the pictures and much better than most that I see, I just believe in full disclosure in calling everything out. Bezel rotates nicely in both directions with good positive clicks (last picture taken specifically to highlight any marks on insert).
Crown screws down with 3+ turns. I did remove the back (sorry I forgot to take a picture) and in their is a clean and original 6309A movement, there is no pitting or rust evident on the case or caseback, runs well with decent power reserve and seems to keep reasonable time. Service history is unknown.
Not 100% certain that the crystal is original but it looks like it could be and is scratch free.

PLEASE NOTE: Watch does not come on the strap shown and I am selling this as head only.

Asking $OLD for this very nice 6309 shipped CONUS. International at buyers expense - $10.00. May trade for a like condition 6309-7040 non Suwa dial or a 6138, depending on condition etc..

Any questions just let me know.

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