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For sale is a nice 6309-7040 diver for $210 shipped within CONUS. Paypal only. Not much feedback here, but plenty at the auction site under "lmm54."

This watch has an aftermarket bezel insert, and the hands also appear to be from a different date from the dial because they glow more. The dial itself is original with nice patina. Some tiny specks of lume have recently come loose between the dial and crystal. The case is in good shape for a watch of this age, with light wear all over. There is a little bit of play in the bezel. It has Roman numeral days, a nice tight crown that takes 3.5-4 turns to screw in, and keeps great time, +3-5 seconds/day (maybe even less). The pictured strap is not included, head (and spring bars) only. I bought this watch on this forum in October. Not pressure tested.

Please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!

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