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Selling here a reproduction bezel insert for the 62MAS or 6217-8000/8001. This is from a run that was produced by a collector in the UK and I have had it sitting in my draw for a few years now. IMHO it is by far the best repro made with correct fonts and everything right down to the last detail. I don't believe these are available any more. In my opinion, the other reproductions I have seen all fail to capture some of the smaller details, such as the more square shape inside and outside of the 0's for example.

Asking what I paid, which if I recall correctly was $50 shipped in the US or $55 SOLD shipped worldwide.

The picture below shows another of these inserts I had installed next to an all original to show the quality of the insert. The reproduction is obviously, given the lack of fading, the one on the right. The one I am selling is new, never installed.

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