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For sale is this nice world time. This is a nice project watch that will require service and a bit of love to get over the finish line. Watch is running, date change over and date quickset works fine. Time setting also fine. Internal bezel rotates fine anti-clockwise but sometimes gets stuck going clockwise, crown feels a bit gummed up so may be fine after a clean and service. Dial, hands and rotating ring look good with some light patina. Crystal is very scratched. One servicing mark on case back inside.

When I received it about 6 months ago it had a nasty scraping noise upon left to right shaking to wind it up, which I discovered was the rotor which has fallen apart (original broken one will be included). A genuine NOS rotor was sourced from a forum member and I replaced it, winding is now operational. There is still a noise when moving the watch in the vertical plane, not sure if this is normal for this calibre or if something else may be loose. Side to side movement produces only the normal winding sound with no scraping. Movement has not been serviced. Strap is also included.

Uk postage £10, US £20. PayPal f and f preferable. Any questions, let me know.


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