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SOLD Seiko 6139-6010 Brown Dial Proof/Proof $400.00

PayPal preferred
My location Dayton Ohio
Payment First then I ship
$400.00 Offers considered

I offer up a very rare, March 1970 6139-6010 Brown Dial, Proof/Proof with it's original chicklet bracelet. With all the many different variants of the Seiko 6139 chronographs from the awesome yellow resist dial pogue the notched cases, proof dials, resist dials Blue dials. the 5 Sports and then we get in to the SpeedTimer's. Along with the 6139-600# variants are the 6139-601# these are also becoming more sought after. the gorgeous blue dialed 6139-6010 and the black dial and the other 6010 variants.
I have seen some awesome collections of 6139 chronographs.
The one watch I have never seen in any collection is the 6139-6010 Brown dial. I did a google search on this watch and found a few of pictures a long with a few post about them and one that was FS. back in 2011.
If your looking to complete a collection of 6010's here you go a gorgeous 6139-6010 Brown Proof. I talked to several people about this watch trying to come up with a price. So I'm asking $575.00 and will consider serious offers for this rare beauty.

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