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-SOLD- Selling here a very nice, original Seiko 6139-6005 Chronograph. - SOLD -

I picked this up last year (December 2013) from an antiques seller, and is just a nice, unfooled-around-with example.

S/N puts this at May of 1972. Watch is keeping excellent time* and has good power reserve but service history is not known. Chronograph resets back to zero and buttons operate as they should. Inner bezel rotates correctly with good friction and is also in excellent condition. Original bezel and insert are in very good condition with only minor signs of use.

The last picture shows a close-up of a scratch that another forum member was asking about that appears in the 2nd picture.

Please PM with any questions or offers.

Price includes USPS 1st Class shipping with tracking. CONUS only.

* In a 6-hour test I ran earlier today, the watch was spot-on, neither gaining nor losing a single second.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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