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Selling here a very nice and original as far as I can tell, Seiko 6119-7163 more commonly referred to as the Sushi Diver due to the unique shape of the hour markers. This one is from February of 1970 and is marked Waterproof on both the dial and caseback.
Typically beautiful blue Seiko 5 dial is original with crisp markings and the hour markers and lume within them are in great condition with no real signs of aging. Hour and minujte hands are excellent and original with good colored lume and little to no signs of aging. The original seconds hand is very nice and retains its nice bright orange color.
Case is in good condition, I do not believe it has been restored but it is possible. There is one ding on the crown side but other than it doesn't look like it is 42 years old. Caseback is also in good condition and the bezel is also in very nice condition. Crystal has a few marks and could use a replacement to really make the watch shine.
Movement is a 6119c which features bilingual day (in this case Roman and English) and quickset for both day and date (light press of crown for day, deep press of crown for date). Day sits just a hair low in the window in looking at it closely but it is not bad. Watch runs, and appears to keep time but as this watch came to me in a trade some time ago I have never worn it or accurately timed it properly. In the past three hours it is dead on but I make no warranty to accuracy or reserve.
Crown rotates the inner bezel as it should with good friction.

These are getting scarce to find in good original condition.

I am asking $180 SOLD plus shipping. I prefer CONUS sales as shipping is easier and cheaper for me but as long as you will pay for tracked shipping I will ship internationally.

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