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FS: Seiko 6119 7103 (SOLD) and 6106 7590 $60

Lovely turquoise dialed 6106 and 6119 watches

The 6119 looks all original, but someone has crudely and lightly engraved something on the left side of the watch. Lume is clean, acrylic crystal is spotless, dial is clean and movement is running (unsure of time keeping)

The 6106 has relumed (maybe, they're the only ones that glow brightly) hour/minute hands (IIRC) and incorrect (possibly) second hand. Faceted crystal is clean, dial has a tiny spotting (very minor) and a scratch near the 6 o clock marker. Movement was keeping time around 20 sec a day when it was last checked back in 2011 (I had gotten this watch in a trade with noah riley)

$SOLD for the 6119
$60 for the 6106

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