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FS: Seiko 6105-8119 diver £450 GBP (Withdrawn)

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Still downsizing and this 6105 is next on the chopping block :)

This one is from June 1975 .

Resist dial and resistant case back.

Case and case back in good condition and never polished.

Crown locks with the pin on the case, not a lot of pin there but it does lock lightly.

Bezel pretty decent cosmetically and rotates solidly with nice clicks.

Crystal has a couple of light dings.

Dial pretty good and all original, hands beginning to lose there Lume, the second hand has been relumed at some time.

Movement is the 6105B with hacking (works)date feature works as it should, the movement is clean but even though it's running it does need a service( I am doing a time trial on it now to see how it performs ready for selling and it is looking pretty good).

Time trial results up to now:

After 11 hours within 1 second.
After 17 hours - 11 seconds.
After 20 hours - 11 seconds.
After 24 hours - 13 seconds (doing much better than i thought it would)
After 33 hours - 30 seconds
At 41 hours it stopped running.
This "trial" was done with the watch sitting on my desk dial up, a service needed as this trial shows.

This has been sitting in a box for quite some time so I changed the bezel and case back gasket today, the crown and crystal are the original gaskets.

Please study the pictures, I will have this on the TF for a day or so and if not sold it will be of to eBay :)

I am asking £450 plus postage dependant on were you live (I and the 6105 are located in the UK) paid by paypal with no charges to me.

IMO I have priced it so that even after the buyer has it serviced etc they will of had a good buy :)

If you have questions please pm/email, thanks.

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A "bump" and then off to that other wonderful place we all enjoy so much :)
Withdrawn, thanks SCWF :)
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