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FS: Rare vintage Seiko diver 6215-7000 used dial, USD 230

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Hi folks,
On sale today is an used dial for the extremely rare Seiko diver 6215-7000.
Dial is not new, has a few noticeable damage on it: near 10 o'clock, there is some flaking of the dial surface. The center of the dial, some flaking of the dial surface can be seen as well (but when the hands are installed, it should be mostly covered up) and finally, at 6, the dial model number is fainting away (see pics)
Other than that, dial is in overall good condition with feets still intact and strong. The markers still glow nicely and in good condition as well. I'm sure the above problem (except the fainted numbers) can be restored. If I am the owner of the dial, I will probably use a clear matt varnish spray to minimise the look of the damage. In any case, I leave it to the new owners to either restore it, or simply leave it wabi sabi state. :)
Here are blow up shots on the dial (please mind that all insignificant flaws are magnified as well)

I am asking for a reasonable price at USD 230, with shipping inclusive.
I can be reached at [email protected]
If the above pictures do not load, it means, I have removed the pictures from my database and the item is sold.
Solid references upon request.
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