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Hi All. Looked a long time for one. I knew that some of the black bezels over time turned blue and in different light, this bezel goes from a faded black, gray, steel blue to blue..really terrific! The back is black as shown in the pic. I have to raise some funds, again, non watch, or I would keep this. I am asking what I paid + the PP fees and shipping with insurance.

Cost: $45.00

I have only seen one other that Randall had in one of his pics and know these do not come along often. I had it fitted nicely on my 6306 and will fit a 6309 case and the 6105 cases. I believe it will even fit the 7548's as well as the 7C43 cases too. It shows wear, but on the watch looks really cool and really gives the watch a salty vintage look. The pip dot is in tact.

Front (blue):

Front (different light, steel blue):

Back (black):

Price includes Paypay, USPS First Class Shipping CONUS ONLY and Insurance.

Please e-mail me:

owens dot blaine at comcast dot net


blaine at rosboroughpartners dot com

Thanks for looking!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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