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This parts kit ( consist of 1- crystal & 1- stem set) is for the US Military Issued Benrus Type 1 or Type 2.

The complete kit is $135 shipped anywhere.
Price on crystal only is $90 shipped.
Price on stem set is $45 shipped.
All prices include shipping.

These are discontinued parts and when these are gone there will be no more. If you have a Type1 or Type 2, you may want to consider buying now for future use while still available .

I have a few NOS aftermarket crystals for the US Military issued Benrus Type 1 and Type 2 watches. These are as close to original as can be found now. Jack at IWW has used them on several restorations. They will work and have the same look as the original, but the edge may need to be trimmed to fit the retaining ring. The new crystal is on the left compared to the original on the right.

The original stem set is the weakest part of the Benrus Type 1 / Type II. If yours has the original stem set still in it, it is going to break or already has. The original stems were 2 piece with the male being the outer stem and the female on the movement side. New stem sets with this configuration are impossible to find. This discontinued 2 piece stem set has the female on the outer side with the male on the movement side. This is just opposite of the original but works as good or better than the original stem set. These are NOS discontinued parts and supply is limited. When the few I have are gone, there will be no more, so get one while you can.

This stem set will fit Benrus Type 1 and Type II's with the GS1D2 movement.

Price is $135 for crystal & stem set.
Crystal only $90.
Stem set only $45.
Prices include shipping anywhere.
Paypal preferred but will consider other payment methods.
[email protected]
Thanks for looking.

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