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I know it sounds cliche but the time has come for me to clear out my collection. Anything I haven’t worn more than twice in the last year is going, so this is one of several such posts to come.

Today it’s a pair of vintage Elgins. These are being sold as a pair, so the price includes both watches. I’m not looking to split them up.

First is this handwinder.
Size: 33mm
Movement: Elgin 723
Case: plated brass
Crystal: domed acrylic
Description: as you can see from the dial, it has a lovely patina which is was first drew me to it. The rear of the case, where it meets the case back, has noticeable pitting an apparent pry marks. The remainder of the case is decent enough for a watch of its age.
The watch runs fine but the movement has a slight issue when winding. For whatever reason the click will sometimes disengage from the barrel, causing it to slip. This is probably an easily corrected issue—it was actually going to be my entre into watch repair but I lost interest and decided to sell the watch as-is—but it does make it difficult to wind the watch fully.

Next is the automatic.
Size: 35mm
Movement: Elgin 790
Case: 10k gold filled
Crystal: domed acrylic
Description: this is a watch I used to wear more often. The dial and hands are in nice shape as is the crystal. The movement works just fine. The case is in overall good condition though there are scratches (as you’d expect) and there is some discoloration where the lugs meet the case; they look like braising marks but they could simply be some kind of tarnish. Since it’s gold filled and 10k, I’d assume it’s safe to do a *light* polish. The only issue to speak of is the crown which sits at a slight angle to the stem (i.e. not perpendicular) which makes hand-winding a bit annoying.

The price for both watches is $150-shipped within the US. I accept PayPal or Google Pay and I’ll cover the fees. I’ll *consider* international sales but shipping will be actual cost to buyer. REASONABLE offers accepted.

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