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FS:NO MORE"desk-diver marks"! Generic SCRATCH-BRUSH..$16 shipped registered.

These are a generic version of the Bergeon Scratch-Brush. I have a very limited supply of these, and they are $16.00 each, shipped via registered airmail anywhere in the world. I can only get these ones sporadically, so take advantage while you can. These ones are great for you if you want to try one out, but didn't want to spend as much for the Swiss brush. I also have the genuine ones with a free refill cartridge at $27.50 shipped reg'd air

Here is the orginal ad for the Scratch-brush so that you can see how they work.

This is probably the best find I've had in a LONG time. These things are truly awesome Forget about having desk diver marks. You can return any BRUSHED surface to new EASILY, and in a couple of minutes! I've even tried these on my new Titanium T-Touch now, and they work even BETTER on Ti than on steel..

The bristles on the brush are made of a fiberglass, and are packed together ultra tight. Just by applying a little pressure and brushing, "desk-diver marks" disappear, leaving the brushed surface looking BRAND NEW.

This is my SEIKO Marine Master bracelet that have used almost everyday for about a year now. Anyone who knows me from the forums knows that I wear this watch in almost any was pretty knackered...but look at it now..

The bristles are packed so tight and have such a well defined edge, that I didn't even have to mask or guard the polished surface of the bracelet...just brush with the grain, and this is the result..

Here's a little demo on my Omega Speedmaster clasp to give an idea. I had some "desk diver marks" on this one. Not bad, but enough to detract from the overall look, and definitely enough to bring the price down on a sale! I think that many will find that if they only got to use this tool ONCE, that it would pay for itself.

A quick brushing with the Scratch-Brush...

and VOILA!!

The price is $16 for the generic brush, with shipping INCLUDED.... shipped via registered airmail anywhere in the world.

Payment by Paypal please, and please email me at [email protected] for availability, and I will give you the Paypal ID.

***please wear gloves while using this tool, as the bristles are made of drawn glass****

Many thanks,

Jake B
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