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I now have stocks of Sapphire crystals, in Blue AR and standard to replace the 320W10GN and these can be used in the 6105-8000, 6105-8110, 6309-7040 and 7548s.

Due to volume buy i can now reduce the selling prices :)

Give your watch a face lift with a Sapphire, not only hard wearing but also gives the dial that "something" :)

The standard (plain) and Blue AR are the same price.

*Only the crystal for sale the watch is just for show :)

£23.00 paid by paypal which includes postage in the UK, buy more than one of any size I am selling in the same order and get a price reduction of £2 per crystal after the first one(postage savings).

pm/email if you need to know more.

AR coated.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts