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Ya know the car that was driven by a little old lady with too good to be true mileage and condition? Well here is the watch equivalent. For sale is a Seiko Lord marvel 36K. Personally in the hand this watch looks like someone bought it and wore it maybe a week or so and put it away and never wore it again. I have made the photos to expose evry single defect so they are magnified. In the hand there are a few minor rub marks and scratches but it is a really rare find.

The watch runs as it should (I will not guarantee accuracy in a vintage watch). It has been overhauled so I know it's all genuine inside. The watch comes with the original clasp and a Sirtoli Alligator blue strop. It looks stunning. I measure the watch as 35mm across not including crown and about 9mm thick. The price is $500 delivered in the U.S. Outside? we'll have to discuss. I'll accept paypal, Postal MOs. If the watch is not as described I'll take it back and you'll get a full refund otherwise all sales are final. Remember though it is in super condition it is a vintage watch over 30 years old and probably has been worn.

Any questions just ask.


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