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Hi guys,

Here is the deal. I bought this watch brand new about 4-5 years ago, and did the mods on it. As stated in the title, it has been "deblinged". It has a 007 bezel, and SKXA55K hands. They have the white, not greenish lume and match the dial. After I was done with it, it mostly sat in my watch collection for two years or so. I usually wear vintage.

In about 2007 my brother was looking for a watch, and naturally asked me for some advice. I gave him some different watches to try out, and the one he wound up liking the most was this modded 011J. I wasn't really looking to sell it, but I told him I could build him one. He wanted this one NOW, so I sold it to him on the spot. He ordered a new 011J and the mod parts, and I put one together for myself later.

The watch dates to June, 2005. My brother wore it sparingly , but it is used. I don't really see any damage on it, except maybe a TINY pinprick on the bezel and the usual hairlines on the case, bracelet, etc. Crystal is perfect.

Recently, my brother was diagnosed with an intestinal hernia, and requires surgery. He also just had twin girls, so money is in short supply. He asked me to sell his watch and get what I could for it. It pains him to do so, but he needs the money for other things.

I am asking $200 shipped for the watch, and I can put it on either the jubilee it is on now or a new Z-22. Your choice. If you choose the jubilee, I can include 2-3 links, as it is sized for a 6.5"-7" wrist now. These watches are getting a bit hard to find nowadays, and the unmodded watch seems to command $200+ on Ebay. The 007 bezel is also getting a bit spendy and tricky to find, so I think this is a decent deal for somebody. And it's going for a good cause.

You will LOVE this watch.

Feel free to ask for references on the SCF or elsewhere. My Ebay profile is Cobrajet25 and you can check that out, too. Please reply to cobrajet25 (at) Thanks guys.


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