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Cleaning up my project drawer after realizing I was never going to get moving on some of these. I'm not listing these with a TZ rating as I'm selling them as parts.

Seiko 2517-0360 Sea Lion
Seiko 2906-0170 Sports Diver
Tissot ladies watch
Also throwing in a 4207 movement, mostly complete. Condition unknown

Disclaimer - Don't buy this lot expecting to throw these watches on straps and wear them as-is. The Tissot keeps good time, but the case, crystal and bracelet are pretty beat. The Sea Lion is in pretty good cosmetic shape, but needs servicing - Lew Brown looked at it for me, but ended up sending it back as it was too small for his eyes (mine too). The little Sports Diver never has worked other than erratically.
$30 via Paypal will get them shipped to your address, world wide. Please PM me with any questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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