Purchased directly from the Hamilton US website in Nov. 2021. In excellent condition. It has patinated over time, as you can see in the photos. Overall in great shape, crystal is blemish free. Minor scratches between the lugs, but over time, that’ll probably patina away as well. There is a small mark on the bottom left lug on the edge from when a spring bar slipped once, but it's not very noticeable when the strap is attached.

Couple things to mention regarding the winding/crown. It’s been noted in some forum threads that the crown will slightly turn back counter clockwise after a wind on this model, especially as it gets closer to a full wind. This apparently is normal behavior for this piece. Another thing is, if you try to pull out the crown to set the time, immediately after a wind, the crown doesn’t want to pull out easily. I found that if you’re going to do that, just very slightly turn the crown counter clockwise first, then pull the crown out to set the time—that works perfectly fine. Not sure if they all do this, but just something I noticed on this one. Watch runs very well, and has been a very reliable piece.

The lug to lug—like the other versions of this watch—is a bit longer at around 47mm, something to note for small wristed people.

The stock leather strap is unused, and it will ship with everything Hamilton sent to me—Box, warranty card, etc.

I’ve uploaded higher resolution photos to my Dropbox photo album viewable via the link: bronze Hamilton

Price: $530 shipped via USPS Priority Mail within the USA (not shipping international for this one). Paypal or Zelle is fine.

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