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FS: Gorgeous 6139-6010 Blue Proof Dial. $160

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OK, so after a lot of time and effort I recently completed this 6139-6010 but it is not going to get the wrist time from me it deserves so I am looking to trade it.
The watch is in superb condition and the dial, hands and tachymeter ring are near perfect in that I can not see any blemishes at all. Everything on this watch is original to this watch including the hard to find 2 piece seconds hand that is common only to these early models (this one is from February 1970). If there is any aging to the dial lume it is hard to see and the hands and indices are tone perfect to each other. Hands are in nr mint condition also with no tarnishing. It runs well, and keeps good time all day but I have not measured its accuracy nor measured the overall length of the power reserve (I do know it is more than 24 hours though with the chrono running). I partially stripped, cleaned and oiled this movement but other than that the service and/or adjustment history is unknown. Movement is the correct early 6139A 17J version. Day and Date quickset works as it should and are aligned perfectly to the date borders, date changes at midnight like it should. The chrono functions work smoothly and it resets back to zero. The case was very nicely refinished as you can see from the photos and this was not done aggresively to remove every mark but more to retain the original lines and finish. The pictures exaggerate any imperfections. Caseback is very good with some marks in the center but it is not over-polished and retains its original lines. This is about as nice an example of this watch as I have seen. I would replace the caseback gasket on this one when you get it, I would have done so but I am out right now of them, if mine come in before it sells I will do this.
Watch will come head only.

I am looking for vintage late sixties, early seventies Seiko sports or rally divers (5126, 7019, 6106, 6119 etc etc...) or would trade up a little for a nice 6138 (what have you got) or a 6309-704X. I also like Speedtimer 6139's so would potentially trade for one of those. There may also be some older Citizen divers or chronos I could be interested in also. I am only looking for all original parts watches please :)
For sale this is a hard one to price, yes there are a lot of these around, but very very few that are in as nice a condition as this. You could end up spending a lot more trying to put an average one into this kind of condition. So I am starting this one out at $175 OBRO shipped CONUS or would prefer a trade for the models listed above, I am willing to trade up a little also.

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Re: FS: Gorgeous 6139-6010 Blue Proof Dial. $175

Bump, these dont come along in this type condition very often with all the original parts.. Let me know an offer or any possible trade..
Bump with price reduction....
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