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BACK IN STOCK - $35 plus shipping!, 10% off of eBay!

I am business partners with KVW, My main aspect of the business is performing case refinishing/restorations and custom modification work. I was mentored by Jonathan (Swedefreak) himself and after Jonathan's untimely passing we aquired legal rights/trademarking to manufacture and sell Jonathan's custom crystals. Due to the demand, I am now offering Jonathan's crown jewel, the Original Bubble Boy Crystal.

No one else in the world is selling this genuine BubbleBoy crystal, and as everyone knows, these are the best. These were Jonathan's creation, he poured his heart & soul into making them and he was justifiably proud of them.

As mentioned, this is the original Swedefreak Bubble Boy crystal not a cheaply copied crystal manufactured overseas. These crystals are manufactured in the United States using the finest mineral crystal material available.

The "Bubble Boy" can be used in place of Seiko's 320W10GN00 (6105 divers & 6106, 6119 sport divers) and 320W34GA00 (6309 & 7548 divers) these are exact fit and case seal when using all Seiko casing parts.

Some aftermarket rotating ring inserts may need to have their inner edge relieved by approximately 0.20mm for absolute fit. There is virtually no optical distortion of the hands dial when viewed head-on or nearly head-on.

Also, bear in mind there are 64 other additional Seiko models from the late '60s and 1970s that use the 320W10GN00. The "Bubble Boy" will fit these as well but the height may allow the edge to peek over some of these models' bezels.

Price is $35 usd plus shipping costs.

International shipping is available and welcomed, please email me for further info.

Best Regards,

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