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FS: G-Shock DW-5500 vintage mod - Reduced to $180

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Hello, folks!
I have for sale here my 1988 CASIO G-SHOCK. It was a gift from my dad from high school days.
This watch "was" the G-SHOCK II originally. It appears on this link (it is the 2nd watch, with red buttons):
I mean "was" and "originally" because it is no longer this way. I'll explain...
This watch has the original vintage G-shock module - first instalment. It has a screwdown and reflective caseback. It was really made in Japan.
Unfortunatelly, the rubber guard/bezel, with its original red buttons became very brittle along the years, and ultimately desintegrated with prolongued wear.
Casio's biggest flaw was discontinue the original bezel for this model, and it is no longer available for years, contrary to their policy in keeping the original concept G-shock parts still in production.
So what I did was a complete revamping on the watch.
The module is SUPERB. The back light functions pretty brightly;
The alarm rings LOUD;
Chronograph and timer functions are spot on;
Watch is keeping precise and amazing time.
Since 1988, the battery was replaced 3 times only!!! Everytime a battery got fitted, new gaskets were provided, too. Everything performed at the CASIO SERVICE authorized in my town. The 3rd and last battery/gaskets replacement were performed a year ago.
At this last servicing, the watch had its buttons replaced. Off were the original G-shock II buttons, and ON are regular and standard G-shock ones.
Also, the rubber guard/bezel was replaced, for a original, 1st instalment G-shock, one. The squared, classical G-shock bezel was fitted.
To complement the mod, the original, 1st instalment rubber strap was fitted to the watch. All original parts that CASIO service HAS IN STOCK AND ARE STILL IN PRODUCTION.
So, to sum things up, you are purchasing a reliable watch that was:
- fitted with a new and fresh battery, gaskets, original G-shock first generation bezel and strap, pressure tested and fully water resistant piece.
- if you have a similar model to the first G-shock, like the one made famous by Keanu Reeves in SPEED, and want to find another similar g-shock to act as a donor for parts, etc, this one will be perfect.
This will be a greatwatch for your regular chores, honey-do day jobs, tuff activities and hard works without ever worring about damaging your fine watch, because for this exact purpose you now purchased this G-shock. Reliable, accurate, long standing and almost bullet proof. It survived 21 years, it can survive another 21 without any kinda problem.
The major down point in this watch is the caseback scratches - they are BAD, but then again, it comes with the purpose of the watch, that is, heavy-duty performance.
I will provide pics as soon as I can.
In the meantime, the price I'm asking is $ 220 USD paypal, S&H included. (buyer will support paypal fees)
Contact me at:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Edit: PICS ADDED....

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Re: FS: G-Shock DW-5500 vintage mod - $220

Edited for verifying price reduction according to header.
Reduced to $180 usd. 8)
Bump for price reduction, look above...
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