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Up for sale is a very fine condition 7549-7000 JDM, purchased off Yahoo Auctions recently. Everything about this watch is near-perfect, check the pics. Strap is a 100% new NOS strap with new Titanium "buckle" (?)

The bezel insert has a number of very fine scratches (see pics) but the rest is as one would expect from a Tuna : unscathed, and I would dare say "as new" => try hurting a Tuna (apart from attacking it with a hammer or power drill) use it in real life and real diving conditions and you'll know what I mean.

The Yahoo seller said it has been overhauled by Seiko Japan "a few months ago", I confirmed this was with Official Seiko Servicing Center in Japan and the answer was yes, but provided no proof of this. I have absolutely no reason to doubt the seller's word (especially coming from a Japanese), but lack of proof means I sell the watch today as "servicing history unknown".

NB> reason for selling is I would like to bid on an even better one up for sale currently on Yahoo Japan, price as of today at $850 --which happens to be what I paid for this one, but I expect it will fetch a higher price in the end...

FINALLY, pls understand I am not on my computer 24/24 and even less on SCWF, so thanks for your patience about answers............Philip


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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