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  • For sale here brand new custom made aluminum bezel insert ring for Seiko Sumo. Made 1:1 from the original with SMALLER fonts. US$29 each shipped.

    Pip with matching Sumo green lume+lens(like the ones used on my 6309 inserts)

    Exact contour as the original:

    Both my custom and stock inserts side-by-side

    For sale here brand new custom made aluminum bezel insert rings for Seiko SKX007 and other Seiko divers (SKX 175, A35, 009, 173, 011; 6105, 6309) with similar bezel size. Green lume dot at 12/24.

    Newly added is this 6105 replacement insert(US$26 shipped).
    Looks like the 6309 below and very slightly slant. This one is 0.8mm high so you don’t have to use the original flimsy metal ring under the worn out original insert.
    The one on the right:

    6309 replacement bezel insert with a very slight slant profile towards the center and brighter pip(US$26 shipped):

    Same 6309 insert as above but flat(US$26 shipped):

    Correct pip size and a lens over the pip (same as the original):

    Count-up bezel insert(US$25 shipped)

    Count-up insert installed on a SKX007K:

    #1(US$25 shipped)

    #2(US$25 shipped)

    #3(US$25 shipped)

    #4(US$25 shipped)

    #5(US$25 shipped)

    #6 Orange PO insert (US$25 shipped)

    #7 Black PO insert (US$25 shipped)

    New VX insert: US$25

    Black/green 16610 type bezel insert for SKX031/033 only(won't fit SKX007) US$26 each:

    Prices already include registered air mail postage. If you want faster service, you may go for: EMS US$18(US/Asia) or US$25(UK/Canada) extra(elsewhere, please ask), insurance at cost. (not responsible for lost/damage in mail or held-up with customs)

    Shipment takes about 7-10 days from Hong Kong to the States or 4-5 days to the UK

    Paypal only: [email protected]

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