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I am selling model JR3060-59F, a titanium skyhawk. It's in great condition. I have the original manuals and box. The watch is in great shape and has no scratches. It works perfectly, as I wore it infrequently. The only thing not original is the band. I replaced it w/a thick rubber one w/metal clasp (see photos). Also, about 2 months ago I put a new battery in it. You're supposed to keep it in sunlight so it charges, but I mistakenly had it in a drawer, which killed the original battery. If you have questions or want more photos just let me know.

I accept Paypal and will ship CONUS using UPS ground. The item will ship from Chicago. I will insure the shipment. Shipping and insurance are no extra charge. You can reach me at stevenator65 AT or through this forum.

Feel free to make an offer if you feel my price is not fair.

Thanks for looking,


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