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This is a Bucherer branded pocked watch. It is about 48mm in diameter with a white enamel dial or at least that's what I think it is. The color of the dial is white and the hands are black. The movement is a Bucherer branded Unitas 6497 hand wound. The picture of it and the branded case back is not mine but from the person who sold it to me, I did not open the watch.

Overall in very good condition especially considering this is a vintage pocket watch. No idea as to the age but I asked the company by email and they suggested that it could be from 1960-1980 maybe.

The watch is keeping time but I did not measure, it has a power reserve of over 30 hours. I did not wind it fully either since I was being careful. The former owner told me he cleaned it and lubed it.

I really like it but since it is vintage I feel like I should not wear /use it. Surely it is fine but I guess it’s just me. Anyway I really wanted one of these and now I got it and I am done with it. Enjoyed for a brief time and I am ready to pass it on to someone else who can enjoy it.

I would like a low price of $250 for this. It will include Paypal fees and shipping in the US. Always open to offers and trades of course.

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