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Bob Thayer is SOLD! Thank you buyer and SCWF! The Kelly 6309LE is Withdrawn-- Thanks for all the views!

Some have asked if I'd split these up -- Ideally a sale of the pair would be best. Gotta let um ripping off a band aid

OK I will split these up, but THE DEAL is for the pair ;)

Up for sale are a pair of 6309-7040's that have been pre loved, very well cared for, and maintained, and never been under water, during my ownership.

Both of these watches have great WIStorical pasts, and hence great value from service and restoration. I will refer to the gold accent version as the Kelly Rayburn watch, and also known as the 6309-7040 LE due to the gold Seiko bezel / hand set modification, and it has a domed sapphire crystal with AR coating from Harold, "Yobokies".

The other, "classic" 6309-7040 I will refer to as the Bob Thayer Jr project watch.

The Kelly Rayburn watch has been modified as stated and also relumed by Bob Thayer Jr.. The "classic" Bob Thayer project watch was serviced in June of 2012 and pressure tested, though suggested the watch not be used in water due to it's age. A judgement call I suppose. The service found a "sweep jewel" in need of replacement. Watch was serviced by Bob Thayers watch guy, whom, I couldn't say.

I have sold and bought back both watches! That's how much I like them and how worth it they are in regards to service history, maintenance and integrity.

The "classic" Bob Thayer is running at -30sec daily. The 6309 LE Kelly Rayburn gains a minute after the 1st swirl, then seems to gain 30+ sec daily, so this watch will need some attention now. Both watches should be pressure tested should one take them into the water.

The "classic" Bob Thayer comes on a Harold Yobokies oyster bracelet w/ SEL and 2 extra links with Seiko clasp. Also include a set of folded end links that adapt bracelet to any SKX diver.

The Kelly comes on original OEM Seiko strap and also a quality gold Nato.

The lume on both watches is exceptional! Bob Thayer does great work, and applies a strong application ;-)

The following are the links to the original sale post and build of the watches. Please read, as it should fill in further info.

Kelly Rayburn watch: see bottom of post for Kelly's description. It was lost when the PMWF shut down. I saved it :)
Bob Thayer Jr. watch:
I see Bob took his photo's down

I am SOLD! asking $500.00 REDUCED TO $450.00 SOLD! for the pair. The Kelly Rayburn will come with previous parts to include hands, bezel and aftermarket frosted mineral crystal. I hate to part with these, but I can no longer manage them. I believe them to be a good investment and will go the way of the 6105 cost wise. All the improvements have been done. Just need some minor service now.

Happy to answer any questions. I ship promptly via USPS Priority to "confirmed" PayPal member. Please PM or email adamb1 AT gwi DOT net I will consider shipping outside of CONUS, but at your expense if other than USPS International, and also I detach myself from any liability once it leaves my hands at the local PO. That said I will do my all to accommodate you.

Here's a heap of photos from present and past:

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