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FS: 6139- Dial $7 USD Shipped CONUS

Here is a 6139-6009 Dial, original, decent shape. Presents well despite obvious schmutz at 8 o'clock and some sort of line from center to 4 o'clock, but still quite presentable. This one might clean up great but I'd rather leave that decision to try it to the buyer since it's OK as is for a lot of resto/upgrades. Split-window date and day frame in terrific shape if that's all you are after. All applied markers and SEIKO logo in great shape too. Dial feet are perfect.

While it doesn't say Chronograph/Automatic with the 9 o'clock side sterile, I have seen this in photos before and have no reason to believe it is a repaint. I think this is just a rarer layout original by Seiko. I like the cleaner look myself with a busy bezel.

$10 USD it's yours on my dime to ship. If outside the US we can work out the actual cost since it varies widely by country.


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