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I used these bracelets with vintage Seiko chronographs that have hooded lugs, like the Bullhead, the UFO, the Helmet, etc. All have signed Seiko clasps, and all show a little wear but are very presentable. Some are quite hard to find - anyone who has searched for Seiko vintage replacement bracelets know how tough this can be.

Here's a detailed description of each, please refer to the numbers in the top pic. The photos seem to be showing up small in this post, but you can click the links below to see a larger version:

1. Vintage, I would guess '70's, but I don't know what this actually shipped with. Omega style, 20mm, flares to 22mm, tapers to 16mm, marked C019 on end pieces. 5-hole micro adjust, max length of 160mm.

2. Nearly identical to #1, but with end pieces of approx 19.6mm; could use it with a 20mm watch or fit it to 19mm with a couple of passes of a file. End pieces are marked C092. Max length of 152mm.

3. Seiko super-oyster, 19mm. Started life as a 20mm, but I had it ground to 19. Used it on my 6138-7000 slide rule for a while and it looked nice. Solid links with screws, 4-hole clasp, max length 185mm.

4. Vintage 19mm oyster style (legit 19mm, not altered). '70's, possibly '80's. Flares to 24mm, tapers to 16mm, Low profile folded links, approx 2.5mm. 7-hole micro adjust, max length of 171mm.

5. 19mm, started out as a 20mm, but I had it ground to 19. Questionable authenticity but decent quality, had this one on my 6138-0017 UFO for a bit and liked the look. 17mm clasp with 5-hole micro adjust, max length of 158mm.

I would really like to make only one trip to the Post office, so I'm offering up the lot for an extremely reasonable $75 including shipping to CONUS.

PM me here or e-mail directly at [email protected].

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