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Going through my stock of NOS vintage Seiko crystals, and have a few gems up for sale. All three are genuine new old stock OEM Seiko Hardlex crystals in perfect unused condition. Prices include shipping in the US, overseas extra. PM me if interested....

330W18GN, for many of the 6139 family including: 6139-6002, 6139-6005, 6139-6032, and many more. $75


340W14GN, for many of the 6138 family including: 6138-0030, 6138-0010/11 (UFO), 6138-0040/9 (Bullhead), and 6139-7060, and many more. $75


320W10GN Type I, for the 6105-8000/9 and 6105-8110/9 divers plus many others. This is the scarcest variant, the so-called Type I (coined by the late great Jonathan, RIP brother!). It is taller than the other types, plus the top of the crystal is dead flat instead of slightly curved. My understanding is that this is correct for the earlier 6105's. $125

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