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Hi, you all!

The time has come for me to trim down the amount of watches I've accumulated a little bit, in order to pursue a more focused and enjoyable collection and easier level of maintainance. Also, this way I have a chance to generate a nice funding option for future grails upon opportunities arise. So without further delay, here we go:

I have for sale in this add two Orient diver's watches.

One of them is the world wide known Orient Beast. This watch doesn't need any kind of introductions, since it's a well liked all around model at every japanese watches forum. It's a legend, unfortunatelly now discontinued. The exemplar I have available here is the Red Beast. The model number is EX04, cal. 46G41.

This watch has a translucid caseback, where the beauty of its movement can be seen doing its job. It's a st. steel/mineral glass combo that assembles the caseback. The dial shows a power reserve scale, as Orient has become known for in its watches. It's capable of 200m water resistance.

I have bought the watch brand new in box. And I'm proud and quotable to say that I rate it on 98% on the TZ scale, since I no longer have the box, nor papers (too much watch boxes in my house that were thrown away). But what is important is the watch condition, which doesn't have one single scratch on the both crystals, case, nor on the bracelet. It's a beauty, for sure.
Unfortunately, this is another watch that has become too small for my wrist. Being roughly the size of Seiko monster, it will be perfect for you, monster owners/lovers!


As for the second Orient, this is a special has been just launched on the brazilian market, and it is an exclusively domestic model for Brazil, which means you won't find it online, at your favorite dealer's website. You will only have access to this model getting someone in Brazil to buy it for you and then ship it out. ;)

I bought it to try on. Since I already own the Poseidon 300m in each and every dial color, I thought that keeping this one would be too much of a good thing. So off it goes, being worn only TWICE, to the office. Absolutely not a single mark, scratch, ding, bruise on the case, crystal, bezel. The strap is a very comfy, well made rubber one (it feels like silicone, so soft it is) that is integrated to the watch case.

It is a chrono diver resistant up to 300m. It's equipped with an He lateral valve. This watch has a case construction similar to the famous brazilian Poseidon 300m (no surprise this new model be able to sustain the same 300m of pressure...). They are roughly the same diameter, which is 46mm with crown. All stainless steel, with PVD lugs, crown and bezel ring.
Its heart is a quartz one. Screw down crown, with screw down pushers. The dial in this one is GORGEOUS! You gotta see it live to fully appreciate it. The model number is MTSPC002. Firm clicks to the bezel (sweet, solid and smooth operation....I mean LOUD clicks!)

This one will be shipped out with papers, since it was bought locally at my Orient A.D. ...
If you like the Orient Poseidon, you will like this one, too. It can be called the Orient Poseidon Chrono. ;)



2)ORIENT CHRONO DIVER'S 300m quartz (brazilian exclusive model): $ 380 USD;

All of my prices already include shipping worldwide.

I accept payment by PAYPAL. Contact me through PM or email and I'll forward you my account for funds transfer.
Please, pay me in Paypal "goods" mode.....please, add 4% to the prices listed above.

Shipping is on me, and the Paypal fees are on you. Square and fair.

I will wait for your contact, guys!
Kindest regards,
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