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Dear all,

I have sent several watches to Ken for service. After a while, two came back this afternoon. Picture will talk:

This is the package I received from him - Express mail.

My skx007j is saying "Welcome home ..."

Inside the package are two watch bags wrapped in bubble-wrap. What could be in these bags??

ok. One is 6309-7049 for service, and the other is a KS 5246-5000 for service and clean-up.

This KS 5246 was purchased on the bay, and surprisingly I found the pictures of exactly this watch at Seiko Watch Database.
All those 14 pictures at the bottom of this page are pictures of this very watch.

So I have it cleaned-up and it should stay with me for a long long time, I hope.

Put on the green lizard band that I retired from my SS 66 handwind (now has a modern vintage mesh band mounted), and here is the wrist shot:

Of course, 6309 is the Jewel of Divers -

This 6309 has Harold's dome sapphire and Super oyster with SEL. Now it is serviced and sealed by the Mater, good to go anywhere I want to be:

Just share the joy I have after receiving these two watches.
Of course, there are two more watches still at Ken's hand. But, I can wait a bit longer, after the coming home of these two. :)


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