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Authored by b_andersen

France '98 World Cup G-Shock DW-6900-WF1T Review

A Limited Edition released in Japan, hence 20BAR in blue on the dial. This one looks really great with the white metallic speckled dial plate, white lettering on the black rubber bezel, and silver button. It's really well balanced; the blue WR rating at 12 o'clock and the red word <ILLUMINATOR> at 6 o'clock finish it out with just the right amount of color.

It retailed for 16,000 Japanese Yen (approximately $145 US). The model number is DW-6900-WF1T. I bought this watch six months ago New Old Stock (NOS) on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

One of the things [b] I love about the DW-6900 is how the dial plate is simply placed under the crystal and above the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). [/b] When the light shines just so you can see a shadow under the dial that I find really attactive. It's a great design, both simple and elegant.

Love those shadows.

The watch's deceptively simple computer chip (Modual 1289) is very interesting. It features four basic modes, 1. time mode, 2. alarm, 3. countdown timer (TR), and 4. stopwatch (ST). [i] I've owned DW-6900's for going on a decade, and I'm still noticing new things about what the chip can do! [/i] Let me touch on just a few things.

The modual only has one alarm, but it can be set to sound at one time on just one certain day in one certain month. You could set it for "12-25" and it would only beep on Christmas Day. In other words, it can be set to just sound once a year. If you leave the area in the upper right hand corner blank, however, (-- --) it activates everyday in a row if set.

The TR mode and ST modes are also quite interesting. In both of these modes, current time is displayed rightside top with a blinking ":" mark counting off seconds (in the photo below the time is 5:12, the ":" is not showing because it's blinking off .. on .. off ..). Handy.

When activated in stopwatch mode [b] the chrono wheels spin clockwise [/b], fill up, and empty. In the TR mode, [b] they turn counter clockwise [/b]. Neat! The countdown timer can be set for 23 hours, 99 minutes. The stopwatch will count up to that time. Note two chrono subdials are green and one brown. Nice.

Another thing about the ST mode.

I only noticed about six months ago that the stopwatch counts to 1/100th of a second for the first hour, and then switches to 1/10th of a second up to 24 hours. That is very, very cool.

One thing about G-Shocks many might not get is they look really good from different angles regardless if you can read the time or not. The photo above is a case in point. All you really need to see is the case shape, with the white dial plate & three chrono subdials and "G" button really standing out. To me it looks like the lines on a sleek race car or something. Maybe a UFO.

And DW-6900's, though fairly large, are very light weight on the wrist. A real pleasure to wear. I like to wear them loose most of the time so they sort of spin and dangle on the wrist. As a friend says, they are great worn for golf or tennis.

You'll not find a DW-6900 with a white dial plate and silver button down
at Wal*Mart. In fact, this will be hard to find in the USA or anywhere
outside of Yahoo! Auctions Japan and even then it's hit & miss
if one is available.

Football (soccer) is probably the most popular sport in Japan, like everywhere outside of North America. Casio releases special World Cup models every four years to commeorate the event. It will take place next year in Germany and here is what the 2006 model looks like.

It's made in Japan; recently, many limited edition DW-6900's are again.

You'll note it's also a DW-6900.

First released in 1995,
it was adpated from
Model DW-6600's case
+ DW-6100's strap. It is
considered a "masterpiece"
design by G-Shock lovers.
But the colors they come
in are really important
as to how cool they look.
Plain Jane K-Mart ones ...

The DW-6900 G-Shock model is the "Chuck Taylor All Star" of G-Shocks. It's a classic that Casio has made uninterupted since its launch, and it is made in the widest variety of special color combinations and limited edition than any other the company offers.

Chucks Keith Richards might like.

Peace Chucks! Popular on the Westcoast ..

All-leather Batman Chucks. Very cool ...

See this Chuck link: [url=][/url]>

This summer, Casio released a special 25th anniversary model DW-6900 "Stussy" limited edition that comes in a very special package.





More information here (thanks Jim): [url=][/url]>

It's sure to be a big hit, like last year's white BAPE DW-6900.




Postscript -- Rick bought my France '98 from me on the Seiko Citizen Sales Forum last week. After listing it with no buyers at first, I was going to re-post it with the above review on the sales forum -- a first, a "review/ad"! (Well, Randall may have done HOT review/ads before [img] ) But my friend bought the watch before I could post it, so I decided to take references to the sale out of it and post it here for your enjoyment.

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