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Authored by: jbdan

Specs (gathered from translated JP sites):

Eco-Drive / Solar powered
Full Duratect titanium case and bracelet
Sapphire crystal with internal AR coating
6 month power reserve when not exposed to light source
Power save function
Perpetual calender
4800A/m magnetic resistant
10 ATM water resistant
Accuracy + or – 15 sec per month
Case diameter ~31mm
Case thickness ~9mm
Weight ~54g


Simple face, very legible, sporty. Quartz accuracy and perpetualcalender are excellent features for those that are not watch savvy norcare to be. Interesting hour and minute hand shape, quite large for asmall watch and both have green lume. The second hand has a sporty redhighlight tip with a lume pip. Slate grey Dial has a very uniquetexture that I have not seen on my past is almost likea granite texture. Chapter ring matches dial color and has 12 bluelumed pips at each hour mark. All text is printed and rather discretedespite what the pictures may show.


Case is brushed ti with top stationary bezel polished ti. Crystal issapphire with internal AR very well and has that“purpleish” hue to it at certain angles. The crystal does rise abovethe stationary bezel. Case back is a different looking ti material tomy eyes. It has a “blasted” look to it. One 3 o'clock crown foradjusting perpetual calender and minutes. It also adjusts the hourhand, but only after depressing the recessed button at 2 o'clock. Moreon this later. Crown has 3 positions and in all turns very smooth.


Seems like it will be very is for my girl so we will see It is a mix of brushed and polished Duratect ti. Very sporty looking.Clasp is typical brushed ti with the Attesa text and log. I've alwayslike the Attesa logo. Bracelet is rattle free. Clasp has the awesomeAttesa "quick change" clasp with 3 positions for wrist expansion duringactivity. I think every watch should have this feature!



We will see come February 14th. A gift for my love It is a good looking watch, extremely light weight, scratch resistant,water-resistant, quartz accuracy, and perpetual calender. Perfect formy girl who does not want to mess with setting a clock or calenderever!

Getting back to setting the time and date...I'll simplify it bestI can. By depressing the 2 o'clock button your crown in the 0 positionnow controls the hour hand which in turn controls the date. Iknow.....that is the only way to control the cannot beadjusted independently, but with a perpetual calender, once set yourgood to go for the next 90 years.

The crown in the 0 position without pressing the 2 o'clock buttondoes nothing. At the 1 position it shows you which year and month youare in by pointing to 1, 2, 3 etc. 1=Jan 2 =Feb. Crown at the 2position changes minute hand. Odd module/caliber if you ask me, butonce set you have little to maintain.

So I know she cares little about lume...she probably does not know whatthe word means....but I dig the lume! It looks as though Citizen took afully lumed hand then put the white painted border on it. The lume isgreat and lasts well through the night. Cheers all!

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