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So you would like a Tuna ? but you would like to be able to change or mod it has the fancy takes you ? well take a look at this mod that i am now offering.

Basically I can mod/profile a number of cases to take the 7549-7010 shroud, you can use your own 7549 shroud or the new TST shroud that can be supplied with the profiled case.

So to be clear for the price you get your case machined/profiled and one of my new shrouds.

Cases that i have modded up to now are:

  • 6309-704X = TST-630A
    6309-7290 = TST-630B
    7548-7000 = TST-630C
    7C43-7000 = TST-7CA
    SKX cases now being TST'd (same cost and time scale).
So you can have your 6309 case modded to take a shroud and then you can use any movement you wish that fits in a 6309-704X case, 6309 auto, 7546/7548/7549 quartz and again any dial or hand combination you wish that will fit in these cases.

I can also drill the lugs through if required to make strap changing easier.

How it works is you supply the case and i profile it to take the shroud which you can supply (7549-7010) or you can have the new TST one that i can supply.

All the machining is to a very high specification produced by myself (35 years precision engineering experience) each operation during the machining is inspected and maintained to a high level of accuracy.

A few examples below.

The price for this mod is £165 which includes WW return shipping, for this you get your case machined/profiled to accept the new shroud that i make.

Optional extras are drilled lugs and sterilised case back.

Please follow these links.[/u][/b]


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