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The winter, for the most part, is gone. The weather is getting warmer and flea markets and yard sales are starting up. I try and hit a lot of them. I went last week, but nothing really out there. Last week I went to see my local guy. I got some disturbing news. My buddy Val had a stroke over the winter. Fortunately he is recovering nicely. Spent some time with him catching up and what not. He wasn't going to stop the flea markets. As a matter of fact he told me he had some stuff for me. Well, I stopped by there this morning. Helped him set up his stand and stuff. He had quite a few Seikos and Citizens. I managed to pick out three watches for less than lunch money.

The two '5's are 7009's and one 6309. Now to clean and fix them up. BTW, I left some for seed!

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