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minidriver said:
Swiss-euro watch snobs and non-WIS alike cringe at the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a "Seiko" (Regardless of how good the watch may be)....
Even you're right with that, it's only part of the story.
Real European WIS have been knowing the build quality of a GS for years now. But the only GS Seiko would sell were SDs (no problem with that technology myself, but some guys want the pure mechanicals - moreover that power indication simply sucks for my aesthetics). Another thing that gets European WIS upset, is that Seiko prices their watches differently here (I'm considering the tax impact of course), there is no free market over here, respectively.
Personally, I would even say that the latest 6R15s and particularly the 4R15s are overpriced (a spirit SCVS was fairly priced 4 1/2 years ago, but the newer models (and the SARB033 is litarally the same watch) now costs at least 30% more (comparing Yen-prices)!
Another thing i, that the design seems to get weird. They seem to copy mods, other brands (e.g. Sinn) and concentrate on ridiculous bulky watches (o.k. I have to careful here - but the normal man on the street would probably not wear that 45mm x 17mm wrist weapons).

Just my two cents, though - no offense intended,

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