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I agree with all the points made above. :)

Seiko's marketing positioning (continuously moving upwards) has hurt their sales badly and allowed the competition to gain market share. Also technologically they have lagged behind the competition, mainly Citizen with their Eco-drive solar watches which imho is the best solar watch technology available today. And Casio and Citizen have both made good on radio-controlled quartz movements, whereas Seiko's Spring Drive, for all its qualities, has been a sales flop.

Now the general decline in watches sales I think we can pin on a change in habits among the general population, mainly young people who don't wear watches, they have their mobiles with them for that! And unfortunately even an incredibly attractive and moderately priced new Seiko diver - that all of us here would buy without hesitation (not that we need it, but...) - is not going to reverse this trend.

But then again I am not sure how much watches still contribute to the Seiko group total revenue. If it's a small percentage then the investment in marketing and innovation may not seem worthwhile for Seiko's top management - and that would be a pity. ???

At least we still have our vintage Seiko's to wear...

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