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minidriver said:
Time to ax quartz Kinetic watches Mr. Hattori? Solar-radio controlled technology is what's keeping Citizen afloat. ;D
You've hit a major nail in the head. While Citizen and Casio have introduced countless solar-powered and radio-controlled movements in the North American market (huge market), where can you find a similar Seiko product in N.A.? As much as I love automatic, solar and r/c are the future for majority of the consumers. Yes, dump Kinetic and move full-speed with solar and r/c and come out with some kick-ass designs won't hurt. Seiko can continue to produce automatics and their upward brand movement into luxury category (but should not hike the prices of their mid-range Prospex line of products, much to my dismay). Here are a few things that Seiko need to address:

Kinetic < Eco-Drive
Non-Existent Seiko Marketing < Citizen Marketing in U.S.
Hiking Prices of their mid- to high-end products when the world economy is in the gutter (even after factoring in exchange rates).

These are just my opinions. Not to start a flame war or anything. At the end of the day, Seiko may just be happy the way it is and remain a distant third among the big three.
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