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Hi All,
I'm ordering mod parts today for an Invicta 8926 with a scalloped bezel and NH35 movement. I want to verify a few things before I order. It seems that there is a huge amount of information. But most are in regards to the 8926OB; and it has different dimensions than the standard 8926. The info I found is so convoluted that it has confused me in being confident as to what to purchase. This is my first mod so I want to be sure. Any help would be appreciated and if any suggestions as to better components would also be welcome. Will also be filing and polishing the branding on the case and am toying with idea of filing the crown guards as well.
My list includes:
Dial: Dagaz 28.5mm BB-Tribute-Project-Rose Gold 3:00
Hands: Dagaz Snowflake Rose Gold Super Luminova for NH35.
Crystal: Crystaltimes Sapphire Double Dome 29.5mm x 2.0mm
Bezel Insert: Ebay seller Nextrend
37.4mm OD x 30.7mm ID

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