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First Post on SCWF! Inspired by my new Titanium Citizen Eco-Drive BM7170-53L

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I will start by saying that I am absolutely in love with my new watch by Citizen! When I was a child I had a Smart Watch, in highschool I had a Nixon Player, and now after years of reading the time on my smartphone I finally bought myself this kick ass titanium watch by Citizen:

(unfortunately had to remove picture and link due to new member restrictions)

What really attracted me to this watch was never needing to change the battery, but after reading the manual I have a concern. The manual says that if the watch is exposed to saltwater regularly the gaskets need to be replaced every 6 months to maintain its waterproofing. So I never have to change the battery but the watch still has to be serviced twice a year? That is a drag!

As a boat captain the watch is constantly exposed to saltwater and the waterproofing is really important. But do I really need to change the gaskets so often? I would like to scuba dive with my watch so I want to play it safe, but id also like to have maintenance done at more reasonable intervals.

Could a seasoned Japanese watch enthusiast please offer some insight to how water resistant a WR 100 Citizen really is, and how often the gaskets should be replaced to maintain this? Thank you so much!

Based on my search this model has never been discussed on SCWF so we are making history here ;)


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Handsome recommendations, Thomas!

and :welcome: to SCWF, graysonic!
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