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First impressions of my newest watch

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I just got my long lusted for Alpinist in the post a week or so ago and here are my impressions so far/

When I opened the box and first saw the watch I was struck by how small it is in todays giant is better watch design, Its about as perfect a size as I could want. The green is much more subdued in real life than in some of the adds which featured virulent icky green. The color is very close to the photo here very dark until its sunlit then its quite beautiful. its keeping fine time but I have not really timed it. I keep it on a winder so I am hoping to get a good idea of how its running. This is the same movement that graces the Sumo if memory serves and should be a fine time keeper. The watch felt a bit thick but when compared to my two new fives with the r4 movement its about the same. and now the strap is beginning to shape to my wrist its very comfortable again much like my fives mentioned above. All in all I couldn't be more pleased and now I have to figure out what to do with the rotating bezel. I love it.
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Very nice looking piece. I look forward to hearing some further thoughts on the watch as you settle in together. Wear it in good health.
thanks for your kind words and I will
I love mine. It's tied for my favorite along with my Blue Monster :)
Congratulations on your purchase. It's a great watch - I got mine in March and have been meaning to write a review. Yes, it is smaller than a lot of modern watches, yet I feel that this will retain a more timeless look.
I do wonder what the future holds for the 017. Will it become a cult watch or fade away? How much longer will Seiko continue to manufacture it?

The bezel is a compass. You can download the user guide from the website. It's in the manuals section under "case functions" at the bottom of the page.
compus hmmmmmmm that sounds complicated and I am not good at taking directions I suspect the bezel will not be used much :) thanks for the info though I appreciate that
Nice watch, John - love the deep olive dial and the compass bezel. Glad to see it here - congrats.
compus hmmmmmmm that sounds complicated and I am not good at taking directions I suspect the bezel will not be used much :) thanks for the info though I appreciate that
Give it a go, It's not complicated at all.
You are right that it won't be used much though. It's not often we find ourselves needing to know which direction north is.
I admit to a certain poetic license. I have a good idea how it works I just never use them :) for me a watch is first last and always a time piece:) my divers only dive in the dish sink. my chronographs never have timed anything and even my minute repeater longs to be repeated now and then :)
I liked the look of this watch when I first saw it online. When I saw it in real life ( courtesy of Pollyc) I was a little disappointed. I thought it looked too small, though I do love the colour of the dial.

I don't think I would ever buy one myself, but if someone were to gift me one, I'd be only too happy to wear it.:grin:
That is gorgeous, the SARB line is pretty cool IMB. This and the Cocktail are my fav's. Love the green.:)
I gave my brother one of these for his 50th a few years ago. Perfect for a solid watch if you don't like divers, which he doesn't, he is actually an Alpinist kind of guy. They are beautiful on the wrist. It cost around $500 Australian dollars at the time, but I had to buy it in US dollars converted to Yen so it really depends on exchange rates at the time.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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