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First Dive Watch - To Mod or Not to Mod?! 7002-700A

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So I've been waiting a fair few weeks for an early 7002-700A to arrive from Australia. It has finally dropped through the door today. I'm not big on divers but I figured I should at least give them a go, especially with a holiday abroad fast approaching and hoping to do some snorkelling.

Crown screws down about 1.5-1.75 turns, no big issue as long as it'll seal for a few metres.
Bezel no longer clicks into position, crystal looks like somebody went at it with an axe, obviously the bezel insert is faded and it would appear the hands are starting to corrode.
Movement is running, date change works, but a service probably won't go amiss.

So first thoughts are to maybe try and stay true to how it came, but then there's so many modding options that it could any way!

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Two of many, and ive had personal experiences with them as well.

I gave my local branch a 4205 and asked them if they could fit a new crystal which i supplied (Thats before i invested in a press) "Come back in 30 mins" was the reply.
Upon my return the guy showed me the smashed crystal which he had taken out by breaking it with a hammer, and then told me the new crystal i had supplied was too big in diameter and wouldnt fit.
I suggested quite calmly (unusual for me) that if he prised the retaining ring off, the crystal would press out easily without the use of a hammer and he would find the new one would fit.
New crystal fitted, i left with disgust, when i got home and put on my glasses i found the chapter ring was out of alignment with the dial.

You have been warned.
With folks watching out for one another, it's such a nice group to be in.

That guy who smashed your watch, should be done the same favor... :) You are too kind.

1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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